Banner Photo: Sunset in Átl’ḵa7tsem/Txwnéwu7ts/Howe Sound. (Credit: Rich Duncan)

This is where you will find objective information about the Átl’ḵa7tsem/Txwnéwu7ts/Howe Sound coastal ocean region in British Columbia, Canada. The information is designed to inspire better decisions for nature and people.

Átl’ḵa7tsem/Txwnéwu7ts/Howe Sound is a coastal fjord in the Salish Sea, just north of the bustling city of Vancouver, British Columbia (Figure 1). Lying within the unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw/Squamish Nation, the Sound is home to flourishing communities, and is a Traditional Knowledge hub, a biodiversity hotspot and a recreational playground.

Historically, industrial activities and development in the Sound left the water polluted and the environment damaged. However, significant efforts in recent decades have improved the health of the fjord and allowed valued species to recover. Administered by 10 local government bodies and Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw/Squamish Nation, communities throughout the Sound have been working together for a number of years to create a vision of collaborative restoration, protection and sustainable growth for this unique geographic area.

Today, momentum is as strong as ever, and many initiatives are coming to fruition. Careful management of the precious resources in this fjord remain necessary to ensure a sustainable future for the environment and the people who call this jewel “home.” 

Aroha Miller, Manager, Ocean Watch, Ocean Wise Research Institute

Figure 1. Átl’ḵa7tsem/Txwnéwu7ts/Howe Sound, depicted by the gray lines. The watershed that feeds into Átl’ḵa7tsem/Txwnéwu7ts/Howe Sound extends north-east and is therefore not shown in its entirety.

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