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This is where you will find objective information about the Howe Sound coastal ocean region in British Columbia, Canada. The information is designed to inspire better decisions for nature and people.

Howe Sound is a remarkable blend of wilderness and accessibility. It sits directly adjacent to the growing metropolis of Vancouver, yet also contains fantastic wild places and natural recreational opportunities. With the population and development growing quickly, many are wondering how it can maintain its ecological values and way of life.

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Figure 1. The Howe Sound

This report provides information to help guide decisions as the area grows and changes. Working with scientists and other collaborators, we have produced a series of articles on key elements of Howe Sound (Figure 1).

These are grouped under seven themes, listed above in the navigation bar.  For each article subject, we produced a summary assessment rating, using four colours. While the assessment rating gives a quick snapshot, you can find out the whole story by going to the articles themselves. They are summarized on this site, and available as pdf downloads. Each article has information on why the subject is important, what is happening, and what people can do. 

Thank you for your interest in Howe Sound — it is a beautiful part of the world. We hope you find our information useful and inspiring. This is our first report and we look forward to your questions and suggestions on content and presentation. Our aim is to produce independent, credible, and well-presented information so that you are inspired to make better decisions for nature and people in Howe Sound.

-Peter Ross, Executive Director, Coastal Ocean Research Institute 

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